Jinx shows 9 of Wands piece in Tarot Card show at The Hive

I’m showing my painting “9 of Wands” in this group show.

The piece isn’t done yet. I will be finishing it tonight so I can drop it off tomorrow. Talk about last minute. I originally wasn’t planning on being in this show. But after a few people asked me about it and talking to other artists who are also doing some last minute pieces I decided what the hell. I had an image in mind but wasn’t sure it would fit into the Tarot card theme. I did some research and found the 9 of Wands card. This card is about:

Just click the photo below to watch a short slideshow of the progress so far.

Hive Tarot 3 show 

22 Featured Artists from 2011 create custom tarot cards to printed and sold exclusively at The Hive Gallery and Studios
January 7th, 2012
$8 door
Show Runs: January 7th – 28th

Featured Artist 1: Renee Lawter and Jeff Lawter
Featured Artist 2: Greg Noppe
Tall Wall Artist: TV5D
Small Wall Artist: Brian Kessinger
Installation Artist: Brendan Waegner


1 eric hamm-magician
2 Salah- high priestess
3 cody seekins- empress
4 j.slattum- emperor
5 yoko d’holbachie- the heirophant (pope)
6 shannon o’connor- the lovers
7 eric siador – the chariot
8 ver mar- strength
9 sherry delorme- the hermit
10 Stephen Umana- wheel of fortune
11 macsorro- justice
12 ken dougherty- the hanged man
13 tanya maiboroda- death
14 mimi yoon- temperance
15 sze jones – the devil
16 rudy fig- tower
17 deanna addona- the star
18 craig cartwright- the moon
19 maxx moses- the sun
20 alex chiu- judgement
21 joan charles- thw world
22 william zdan- the fool


Larkin- Ace of Swords
Steven Sandoval- Princess of Cups
Hector Hernandez- Ace of Cups
Mat Savage- 8 of Swords
Paul Thomas- Knight of Swords
Don Farrell- Wheel of Fortune
Charles Swenson- 2 of Pentacles
Daisuke Okamoto- Queen of Swords
Don Farrell- Wheel of Fortune
Dabbs Anderson- 2 of Swords
Peter Adamyan- The Magician
Kitty Brown- Queen of Wands
Laura Cosner- 10 of Swords
Lydia Burris- 5 of Pentacles
Megan Elizabeth Ford- Queen of Cup
Chris Hernandez- King of Wands
Adam Maloney- 3 of Swords
Masha Vereshchenko- 7 of Wands
Stephen Holman- 2 of Cups
Catherine Kaleel and Alex Schaefer- Knight of Pentacles
Matt Hendon- Knight of Cups
Matt Hendon- Knight of Cups
Cissy LaLa- Queen of Pentacles
Yvette Endrijautzki- Page of Cups
Jinx- 9 of Wands

8pm –    ralph torrefranco  ………. http://ralphtorrefranca.bandcamp.com/
9pm –    gingee  ………………….. http://gingee.bandcamp.com/
10pm –   time & energy ………….. http://soundcloud.com/timeandenergy
11pm – Crown Plaza……
with Nima Kazerouni of So Many Wizards http://www.somanywizards.com/
12am –   VVHITFVZZ ………. https://www.facebook.com/WHITFVZZ?sk=info 

8-9:30- AntiQ
9:30-10:30- Trek Lewis
10:30-11:30- Branden cook Soundcloud.com/brandencook
11:30-12:30- Peter D soundcloud.com/peter_d

Resident Artists:

Sensei / Nathan Cartwright / Mary Spring / Greg Gould / Walt Hall / Sarah Winkle / John Dang / Jinx / J.Salvador / Sphinx /
Shrine / Sonik  / Monica Dynamo / Stephan Canthal / Mike Street / JNGL / Chadwick Reinheardt / Dabbs Anderson /
/ The Little Red Writer / Randy Kono / Sara Hedstrom / Alex Schaefer /  Patrick Haemmerlein / Alan DeForest / Bethany Pratt /
/ Radhika Hersey / Romina Gonzales / Yuki Miyazaki / Ink Pen Mutations Press / Doug Meyer / Glenn Fox / Edward Frausto /
Edyth Gonzalez / Daisuke Okamoto  / David Reyes / Tom McDermott / Dominique Lopez / Sam “5AM” Millner / HumanTreeRobot /
Audrey Roy / Marcel DeJure / Ernie Steiner / Matt Debbaute / Graphation / JunkHauler / Justin ZZyzx /

Alex Chiu http://alexdoodles.com
Ichae Ackso http://www.ichaeackso.com
John Haley III

NEON INSTALLATION: Teemster teeemster@gmail.com

FABRIC ENVIRONMENTS/ INSTALLATION by: Sonik  http://www.transmorphic.net

Seraphime Angelis
Medium, Astrologer, Card Reader, Poet

The Hive Gallery and Studios
729 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

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