New Paintings of 2010! Lots of Hearts.

These are my first paintings of 2010!

As always, if you are interested in purchasing a piece please email me at:

“I Want Your Heart
acrylic on stained wood

“Moss Dipped Heart”
acrylic on canvas

*watermarks are not on the originals

Art show at Bordello this Thursday 5/21/09

I will have some new “Candy Bats” at this show!

Splice at Bordello

Thursday, May 21st.
Doors open at 9pm.
901 E. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012



Here’s my latest “Candy Bat”

“The Dragon”
acrylic and sugar on canvas
6″ x 12″

It’s a gummi tape candy bat. 

The Dragon h2omark

*watermark is not on the original

They live in caves way up in the sky. 

the Dragon cave

Here’s a close up showing the sugar from the actual candy on the painting. I painted on some acrylic gel medium, then sprinkled the sugar on. Let it dry then went over everything with a glossy varnish. 

the dragon sugar

Paintings in progress, “Lemon head Bat” and “Cupcake Bat” wooden box

I am ending my late night having gotten a few things done. I worked on a new piece, “Lemon Head Bat”. I need to add the final details. “Droppin’ Sprinkles” is almost finished too. It’s a hand painted wooden box. It just needs to be varnished. “The Dragon” is almost finished as well. Small final details need to be added, then varnished.  It’s 4am… good night everyone.

New “Candy Bats” including some more bookmarks

I’ve been a busy little painter. Here are the new “Candy Bats”. Tah-Dah!

“Dum Dum Bat”
acrylic on canvas



“Spring Day”
 mixed media


Bookmarks only $10 each. Each bookmark has a small painting in it. Which candy bat do you like best?



One Night Only Art Show at the Blue Cafe! April 15th

I’ll be showing some “Candy Bats” at this show. Brings lots of friends and make sure you tell the door person you are there to see Jinx!


For a list of the other artists and bands at this event go to  

and check the blog.