Jinx shows at “Circus Circus” and “I still heart LA” this June

The “Circus Circus” show opening at The Hive was so much fun! Great times. Below are a few photos from the nights festivities

Here’s the “Blue Clown” painting up on the wall.

Here I am as the blue clown next to my purple clown painting.

Here’s a small peak at what other circus themed art there is at The Hive this month.

Nathan Cartwright (Hive Curator/awesome guy) and the Blue Clown

The red balloon…

And a pretty go-go dancer

Jinx, Sphinx, and Heidi Bluegirl Calvert

Fellow artist Alan Deforest and me.

Click the flyer below to watch a YouTube video another person made from the show.

Join us at The Hive this Thursday (6/16) for some killer sci-fi comedy with the Killer Clowns From Outer Space and the filmmakers and special effects gurus, THE CHIODO BROTHERS!  

Graphation will be screening select clips and holding an intimate Q&A with the Brothers followed by a full on screening of the film. As always, FREE ADMISSION, FREE SNACKS, FREE DRINKS, & FREE AWESOME! Check out the trailer for KILLER CLOWNS here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHXy8DpF5k0

Click the image below for more info on the event

I am also showing at the “I still heart LA” show that opens this Saturday at Monkeyhouse Toys and Gallery. Featuring art about Why LA Still Rules!
Click the image below for more information about the show.

New piece for the “I still heart LA” show. I found this little bunny on the sidewalk in LA when I had just moved here. He’s been an excellent model in several of my paintings. The bee represents The Hive gallery in downtown LA where I work on my paintings. It’s an absolutely great space that allows me to focus and create wonderful things. If I had never moved to Los Angeles I never would have found these great things! And that is why I still ♥ LA.

The Hive Gallery and Studios
729 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Monkeyhouse Toys and Gallery
2874 Rowena Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

One Day Left to Rate my “Bunny Ears” painting!

Only 1 day left to rate my “Bunny Ears” painting in Paul Frank’s Art Attack Contest. The top 20 pieces go to the next round. Come on guys! It’s super easy to vote! You don’t have to sign up just click the image below and rate (hopefully 5 monkeys) Thank you all who have already rated. 🙂 You guys are AWESOME! Be sure to tell your friends.


“Evil Bunny Show” preview! June art show at The Land of Odd Gallery

Here is a little preview of what I will be showing at “The Evil Bunny Show” at The Land of Odd Gallery in June.  3 other artists (Missy FeigumSheri DeBow, and Carisa Swenson) and I will be filling up the back gallery space with creepy, twisted, evil bunny art for everyone to enjoy.

The Land of Odd Gallery
4690 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Show opening Saturday, June 12th. 7pm-12am

Evil Bunny Art Show at The Land of Odd Gallery in June!

Come see the Evil Bunny show at The Land of Odd Gallery. 3 other artists and I will be filling up the back gallery space with creepy, twisted, evil bunny art for everyone to enjoy. This is the first time I’m involved in organizing an art show. I’m very excited about this one. The other artists (Missy FeigumSheri DeBow, and Carisa Swenson) are all from San Francisco so I was the designated organizer for this one. There is also a photography show in the main gallery.

The Land of Odd Gallery
4690 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 9004
Show opening Saturday, June 12th. 7pm-12am

Super busy art month! Working on new paintings and weekly clown update

This has turned out to be a busy month! I am still working on my clown portrait plus I have 2 more shows I need to make paintings for. One is at The Hive for their video game themed group show in June. The other is for a scary bunny show at The Land of Odd Gallery. 3 other artists (Missy FeigumSheri DeBow, and Carisa Swenson) and myself will have the back gallery space to fill with creepy bunny artwork.

Clown Update

Yesterday I was able to get a bit of painting done, which is always nice. I worked on getting the lines down on the right leg black fishnets. Here is the before shot.

Here is what I got accomplished in the 4 hours I was there. I also slightly fixed the left leg fishnets. Much more needs to be done.

Full view so far. I think next week I’ll wander to another part of the canvas. Maybe back into the hair…

A couple new small paintings. Bunny ears and a gold tooth.

Here are a couple new pieces I have finished this month so far. I made the bunny piece for the 5″x7″ at The Land of Odd Gallery next month. If you are interested in owning one of these pieces please email me at Jinx@JinxedArt.com.

“Hidden Bunny”
mixed media

“Gold Tooth”
acrylic on canvas

*watermarks are not on originals

The Rebel Unit Art Show. Nov 21, 2009

Here are a few photos from the show last Saturday (11/21/09) at The Rebel Unit in Santa Ana. It was a one night only show. Despite the cold there were a few people out for the Art Walk at the Santiago Art District.

Above photo courtesy of Shawn Goar

It got a little busier. I got great feedback on my skully and bunny paintings 🙂

The Rebel Unit
727 North Poinsettia St.
Santa Ana, CA