New DADA Prom art show and Featured artist at The Hive for Circus show

I’ll be painting live at this event 😀

ATTENTION CITIZENS!The Department Against Degenerate Art is Proud to present…


Imagine a prom that might have left the popular kids crying in a corner! A prom decorated not with idiotic balloons and crepe paper, but with THE STRANGEST ART WORK YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. A prom to which wearing a gas mask, a unicorn costume, full drag or King Diamond face paint would not only be acceptable but ENCOURAGED. If this sounds like a prom you might actually have attended, then WE WANT YOU.
Free Artist Reception from 8 to 10 pm
$5 prom tickets at the door after 10pm
First 50 people get a degenerate art grab bag
Food, Full Bar, Degenerate Corsages and Boutonnieres
Prom King and Queen Crowned at Midnight!

The Hive Gallery and Studios Presents:

CIRCUS, CIRCUS!! Our second Circus themed show……….bring on the clowns!!!

Opening and Performances:
June 2nd, 2012
$8 door/ $5 for those in Clown or circus makeup
Show runs: June 2nd- 30th

Featured Artist 1: Dustin Myers
Featured Artist 2: Jaime Jiminez
Featured Artist 3: Jinx
Featured Artist 4: Charlie Chiodo
Special Feature: Bizzaro Au Go-Go
Installation Artist: Stephen Holman
Tall Wall: Gilbert Oh
Small Wall: Deborah Scott

Circus, Circus Artists:
Ver Mar / Dani Manning / Paul Wilson / Ron Pete / Liz DeSilva / Ashleymarie Sey DeBondt / Jennifer King / Chance Garrick Williams / Andrea Tseng / Ave Rose / Erik Siador / Paul Arden
Lefty Joe Torres / Rafael Isaac Delgado Jr. / Cynthia Rogers / Hestin Lostwood / Paul Wilson / Keith Wong / FLAN / Bruce Telopa / Kyle Abernethy / Henry F. Cram / Celene Petrulak / Robin Holden / Preston Craig / Harold Scott Clark / Dave Warshaw / and more to be Announced!!!


Jinx being detained at D.A.D.A. EKIII show this Saturday (2/4/12)!


I’ll be painting live as well as showing a new piece as well as some older ones. This is going to be an interesting night full of raunchy, sexy, vile, offensive, degenerate ART!!

Show date:
February 4th, 2012 at 8:00pm

@The Mezz Bar
501 S. Spring St. 2nd floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Artist Reception: 8:00pm – 10:00pm

FREE before 10:00pm.
$5.00 after 10:00pm.



D.A.D.A. has been continuing to watch and gather information from Degenerate “Artists” around the globe. They corrupt our youth and undermine our homogeneous society of noble citizens.

We have now invaded DTLA!

Here is a recent interview with some core D.A.D.A. members (Jinx included):

The following “Artists” have been detained. Their work will be confiscated and put on display. Please do your part to keep this filth off our streets. Buy as much of this degenerate work as possible to keep it out of the hands of our impressionable youth!

With well over 50 offenders, 
our current line-up is: 

Archibald Ragland
Austin Haart
Bert Esenherz
Bill Arthur
BLLAH00 – (Hilliard, Ohio)
Carlito Brigante – (Bogota’, Colombia)
Cassandra Douglas
Daniel Ramirez
David Hinnebusch
David Stewart Klein (DeKAy)
Dawn Arsenaux (Seattle, Washington)
Emmanuelle Castellan
Erin Stone
Forty-Six-Fourteen (4614)
Gloria Centurion
Haley Raspet
James Scott
James Lee Stewart
Jason Bogart
Jel Ena
Jennifer Korsen
Jimmy Le Pistolet
Johnny Gramercy
Jonathan Baker
Julian Keith
Kat Monroe
Kim Mayhew
Luis Fileto
Michael Jones
Michelley Queen of Queens
Monica Roache
Murielle Ikizek Jorgensen – (Dreux, France)
Naomi Coronel
Nathan Pestana
Orlee Andromedae – (Toronto, Canada)
Preston Craig
Pat Gierhart
Ricardo Cisneros
Roger Ramirez
Roxanne Zidell
Shane Reilly
Sean Madden – (Rochester, New York)
Sean Roth
Spiritcage – (Parksburg, WV)
Stan Krawczyk ( Kyiv, Ukraine)
Visual Renegade Art
Zeus Xavier Thomas
and more!

Vendors –
11:11 A Creative Collective
Amber Trudel
Diana Levin
Crafty Frida
Jennifer Korsen
Erin Stone
Ivaldis Dream Trove
Ninoska Arte
Punctured Body Mods
Passenger Art
Sin MuGre Arte

with Degenerate Music and Sounds by:


The Sensitive Side

The Rhythm Coffin

Cab 20

Batwings Catwings



Together we can save our cultural future from creative anarchy.

Department Against Degenerate Art