New DADA Prom art show and Featured artist at The Hive for Circus show

I‚Äôll be painting live at this event ūüėÄ

ATTENTION CITIZENS!The Department Against Degenerate Art is Proud to present…


Imagine a prom that might have left the popular kids crying in a corner! A prom decorated not with idiotic balloons and crepe paper, but with THE STRANGEST ART WORK YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. A prom to which wearing a gas mask, a unicorn costume, full drag or King Diamond face paint would not only be acceptable but ENCOURAGED. If this sounds like a prom you might actually have attended, then WE WANT YOU.
Free Artist Reception from 8 to 10 pm
$5 prom tickets at the door after 10pm
First 50 people get a degenerate art grab bag
Food, Full Bar, Degenerate Corsages and Boutonnieres
Prom King and Queen Crowned at Midnight!

The Hive Gallery and Studios Presents:

CIRCUS, CIRCUS!! Our second Circus themed show……….bring on the clowns!!!

Opening and Performances:
June 2nd, 2012
$8 door/ $5 for those in Clown or circus makeup
Show runs: June 2nd- 30th

Featured Artist 1: Dustin Myers
Featured Artist 2: Jaime Jiminez
Featured Artist 3: Jinx
Featured Artist 4: Charlie Chiodo
Special Feature: Bizzaro Au Go-Go
Installation Artist: Stephen Holman
Tall Wall: Gilbert Oh
Small Wall: Deborah Scott

Circus, Circus Artists:
Ver Mar / Dani Manning / Paul Wilson / Ron Pete / Liz DeSilva / Ashleymarie Sey DeBondt / Jennifer King / Chance Garrick Williams / Andrea Tseng / Ave Rose / Erik Siador / Paul Arden
Lefty Joe Torres / Rafael Isaac Delgado Jr. / Cynthia Rogers / Hestin Lostwood / Paul Wilson / Keith Wong / FLAN / Bruce Telopa / Kyle Abernethy / Henry F. Cram / Celene Petrulak / Robin Holden / Preston Craig / Harold Scott Clark / Dave Warshaw / and more to be Announced!!!


Black Clown Painting: The underpainting continues

“Black Clown”
Work in progress
oils on canvas, 6ft x 4ft

I finished the skin and began work on the black areas. I’ve decided not to use any actual black paint but instead a mixture of blues and browns.

Click on the images below to watch the latest progress videos on YouTube.

I ‚ô• the Hive

The Hive Gallery and Studios
729 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

“Clown Battle” Painting work in progress, oils on canvas

“Clown Battle”
Work in progress
oils on canvas, 10″x20″

My latest clown painting, “Clown Battle” (working title). I plan on doing several smaller/more affordable clown paintings in addition to the large portrait ones.

As of 9/23/11 the underpainting is done and some detail work has been done to the lollipop and black stripes. Enjoy the fun facts about lollipops! They’ll pop up while I’m painting candy.

One line may get cut off. It’s supposed to say, “George Smith named the stick candy after his favorite race horse Lolly Pop.”

Click on the image below to watch the latest progress video on YouTube.

I ‚ô• the Hive

The Hive Gallery and Studios
729 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Jinx’s latest piece will be at the “Bee-rotica” show at The Hive gallery, August 2011

Hello all! I have just finished my new piece “Honey”, for this month’s show at The Hive.¬†

oil on canvas and sculpey/mixed media bee

Bee-loved Friends of The Hive gallery,   

¬† Summer is in full swing here in LA, and that can only mean one thing! That’s right, The Hive’s annual Bee-rotica show is here at last! Flirting within the galleries walls are a bevvy of provocative new works that our artists will be presenting to you, our most valued guests. Ranging from the sensual to the sultry, there is sure to be something which will excite your eyes!¬†
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† We are also proud to welcome Heidi Calvert back, who has brought together her exhibition “X-Pollination” for your viewing pleasure. Her vivacious presentation includes over 30 hand-picked artists, each an erotic dynamo. Surrounded by the pumping beat of our fantastic line-up of performers in our middle room, your desires are sure to be satisfied.¬† ¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Curator Cartwright has assembled a group of 5 featured artists including¬†Featured Artist 1:¬†Sze Jones,¬†Featured Artist 2:¬†Sean Joyce, Featured Artist 3:¬†Yuki Miyazaki, Tall Wall Artist:Arlene Ascusion, Small Wall Artist:¬†Anna Chung, and Installation Artist:¬†Meagan Boyd. All of whose artwork can be yours, and yours again! In addition, Hive artists have made works specifically with our favorite little flying friends, bees and eroticism in mind for-¬†“Bee-rotica 4”!
        So leave the kids at home! Come out and enjoy our hospitality, our selection of delicious beverages, and the tantalizing artworks at the best party of the summer!

Once again thank you buzzing into LA’s premiere gallery for up and coming artists- it’s sure to be a great weekend for all!

                        The Hive Gallery- 729 S. Spring St. LA, CA 90014
                        Founder/Curator Nathan Cartwright

The Hive Gallery Group show and Performances- 

August 6th, 8PM-12:30AM

$8 at door
Show runs August 6th-27th

Featured Artist 1: Sze Jones 

Featured Artist 2: Sean Joyce

Featured Artist 3: Yuki Miyazaki

Tall Wall Artist: Arlene Ascunsion

Small Wall Artist: Anna Chung

Installation Artist: Meagan Boyd

August 2011 Bee-rotica IV

Crystal Barbre /Crystal Barbre / John Mahoney / Grant Fuhst / Mimi Yoon / Amina Harper / Boxcar Joe / Coker / Pukac / Kristi Bockrath / Larkin / Andrew Long / Dani Manning / Charles Swenson / Salah / Janae Corrado / Adam Deal / Maritza Torres / Cynthia Rogers / Dabbs Anderson / Amina Harper / Ryan Campbell / Lefty Joe Torres / Henry F. Cram / Andrea Young /Yvette Endrijautzki / Megan Elizabeth Ford / Brandon Lukes / Coker / Shay / Cody Raiza / Jinx / Marine Arzuyan / and more!  

¬†“X-Pollination”- middle room gallery curated by Heidi “Bluegirl” Calvert

A. Hycenko / Adrianne Walker/ Andrea Young/ Apollo Staar/ Bill Bronson/ Carlos Batts / Chance Garrick Williams / Chrystal Walker/ Crystal Sylver/ Dave Naz/ Ellen Schinderman/ Eric Hill/ Heidi Calvert/ James Stiles/ Jeff Wack/ Jenn Duncan / Karla Usagi/ Kimberly Stowers/ Kitty Brown/ Marianne Williams/ Monica Roache/ Monika Polinska/ Oriana Nazworthy/ Rachel Vanderpol/ Rae Threat/ Rebecca Peloquin/ Sphinx/ Snuf/ Victor Lightworship/ VK7/ William Zdan/ Yvette Ulrich


8pm – astral jubilee –¬†
9pm Рfake furs Р
10pm – piel –¬†
11pm – big moves –¬†
12pm – johnny, got a lighter –¬†


8:00 Р9:00 DJ Trek Lewis
9:00 Р10:00 LOFI FREQ
10:00 Р11:00 Mean Mister Mustard 
11:00 Р12:30 DJ  Alex T

Resident Artists:

Sensei / Nathan Cartwright / Mary Spring / Greg Gould / Walt Hall / Sarah Winkle / John Dang / Jinx / J.Salvador / Sphinx / Feminine Oddities / Shrine / Sonik¬† / Leyla Akdogan / Stephan Canthal / Mike Street / Andres Carmiol / Coker / Boxcar Joe / ¬†The Little Red Writer / Randy Kono / Sara Hedstrom / Alex Schaefer /¬† Patrick Haemmerlein / Alan DeForest / Bethany Pratt /¬†Radhika Hersey / Romina Gonzales / Yuki Miyazaki / Sophia Gasparian / Ink Pen Mutations Press / Doug Meyer / Glenn Fox / Edyth Gonzalez / Daisuke Okamoto¬† / David Reyes / Tom McDermott / Dominique Lopez / Sam “5AM” Millner / MSB Fine Art /¬†Audrey Roy / Marcel DeJure / Ernie Steiner / Lauren Hartman / Graphation¬†

LIVE PAINTING (Opening Night) BY:  

Lefty Joe Torres (body painting a model)

Robert Yancy (body painting for band Piel) 

and more!!!


Alex Chiu

Ichae Ackso

John Haley III





Seraphime Angelis

Medium, Astrologer, Card Reader, Poet


New update on the Purple Clown Painting. Jinx works on the face and skirt.

This update is from the past 2 weeks. Last week I worked on the face. I am still reshaping things. Today I found a couple more areas to fix. This week I worked on the tulle in the skirt. It’s almost done. I still have about 1/3 left. Just over the leg and the little bit up front left.

Click the image below to watch the progress video.

New videos of the purple clown portrait are up. Jinx paints tattoos, suspenders, and lace!

Sorry for lagging on post new videos. I’ve been busy. I visited my parents in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago. WAY TOO COLD! I’ve been spoiled with the California weather (except for this week). Anyway, I wasn’t able to work on things while I was there.

All the progress videos of the purple clown are on YouTube. Click the photo below and it’ll take you to my YouTube channel. ¬†There you can watch me paint the tattoos, suspenders, and lots of lace.