Quick update on the Black Clown painting

First off I’m sorry for this super short post.
I’ve been working a lot on the my latest clown painting. The progress photos are up on my Facebook page.
Below is the painting as of 12/29/11. Happy New Year everyone!

6″x4″, oils on canvas


Jinx finishes the Purple Clown painting! May also paint live during LA Artwalk.

Purple Clown Update:


The day has finally come… the purple clown painting is finished!! Woohoo!

She now joins the blue clown against the wall upstairs at The Hive Gallery.

Click the image below to watch the final moments of this painting.

Los Angeles Downtown Artwalk
is tomorrow Thursday, Sept. 8

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to be painting outside or not. I have started a much smaller clown painting and might work on that. You’ll have to come to The Hive Gallery and find out.

I ♥ The Hive

The Hive Gallery and Studios
729 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Purple Clown Update: Shoes and hands

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. I’m in the final detail stage of this painting and all the progress photos are starting to look very similar. So in an effort not to be repetitive I’m going to start combining painting sessions together in the videos.

Click the photo below to watch the latest purple clown progress video. I worked on the shoes and hands. They are almost done.

New videos of the purple clown portrait are up. Jinx paints tattoos, suspenders, and lace!

Sorry for lagging on post new videos. I’ve been busy. I visited my parents in Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago. WAY TOO COLD! I’ve been spoiled with the California weather (except for this week). Anyway, I wasn’t able to work on things while I was there.

All the progress videos of the purple clown are on YouTube. Click the photo below and it’ll take you to my YouTube channel.  There you can watch me paint the tattoos, suspenders, and lots of lace.

Worked on underpainting of the purple clown portrait

I have most of the underpainting done already.  Hoping to keep my momentum on this one. Click the image below to watch a video of the progress.


Also this Saturday I will be painting at Local Collection in the Glendale Galleria from 1-5 pm.

Blue Clown Self Portrait is FINISHED!

Yes the day has come. I have finished this painting!! Quite satisfying. Now I know how long it can take I can better manage my time painting. It took me 113 hours to finish this painting. I’ve learned a lot from this experience. Lots about color mixing. Click the image below to watch the finale.


No time to rest. I still need to find the purple clown’s outfit. Some shopping is in order.

Jinx Clown Update: Painting a Clown Face

I worked on the face last Saturday! I shifted almost everything up. Now I feel the facial features aren’t so scrunched together. I only worked on it for 3 hours before I got antsy. I know when it’s time to go. I might go in to work on it tomorrow in addition to Thursday. We’ll see. To watch the progress click on the image below.