“Tiny Treasures VI” $100 and under show at Cactus Gallery, including works by Jinx

I’m showing a bunch of small, very affordable pieces in this show.

This is just one of my little paintings in the “Tiny Treasures VI” show

“Escape of the Golden Bee”
acrylic on canvases, 2″x2.75″ each canvas

Please join us for our 6th Annual “Tiny Treasures” Art Exhibit — this year we are showing the original works of more than 55 artists. This is a “cash and carry” style show so come early to find your favorites first!

Handmade ornaments, acrylic paintings and oil paintings on canvas and wood, collage, photographs, mixed media, sculpture, jewelry and more. All works $100 and under.

Gallery hours for December:
December 10 — 11a-11p
December 11-15 — 11a-7p
December 16-23 — 11a-8p
December 24 — 11a-6p
December 25-31 — CLOSED

Cactus Gallery

4534 Eagle Rock Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90041


Purple Clown tattoo & New Hive group show

Purple Clown Update:

I worked on the tattoos on the purple clown. They are currently very bright. I will be going over them to dull them down when I do the skin. Later that night I was at The Hive’s group show. Lots of fun things there 🙂

Click the image below to watch the progress video.

Downtown Artwalk at The Hive tomorrow, Thursday, May 12th

I ♥ The Hive

This is my piece in the group show currently up at The Hive.

“Heart Attack”
acrylic and marker on canvas
30″x10″, $275

If interested in purchasing please email me or stop by The Hive this month.

The Hive Gallery and Studios
729 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Jinx’s painting “Heart Attack” showing at The Hive’s May group show.

I’m showing my painting “Heart Attack” in this group show.

“Heart Attack”
acrylic on canvas, 30″x10″
$275 (If interested in purchasing this piece please email me at Jinx@JinxedArt.com )

The Hive Gallery Group show and Performances

May 7th, 8PM-12:30AM
$8 at door
Show runs May 7th-28th

Featured Artist 1: Philippe Fernandez
Featured Artist 2: Michael Nikolas
Featured Artist 3: Japanda
Tall Wall Artist: Christopher Lyles
Small Wall Artist: Tanya Maiboroda
Installation Artist: Simon Estrada

Hive Group show:

Jinx / Stephen Williams / Diane Kohne / Christi Mendoza / Mer Young / Warren Heard / Sean Joyce / Dave Kupczyk / Debbie Lee / Heesun Kim / Tiffany Chang / Da Hae Kim / Jocelyn Marsh / Mashanda Scott / Samantha Kallis / Grace Kim / Aileen Holmes / Jessica Huang / AriellA / Evangeline Joo / Jantzen Peake / Ping Zhu / Melissa Valladares / Christine Wu / James Chong / Gyorgy Bp Szabo / Juan Garrido / Lefty Joe Torres / Erika Jane Mallette / Marianne Williams / Matthew Levin / Yumiko Awae / Charles Swenson / Terri Woodward / Karen Kang / Ariella / Jocelyn Marsh / Diasuke Okamoto / Harold Scott Clark / Suzy Engelman Block / Samuel Hale / Larkin / Wellington Rawls / Matthew Price / Matthew Levin / Ivan Gondinez / Zara Kand /  Frances Muenzer / Ryan Campbell / Jantzen Peake /

SPECIAL IPM Book Release:

Ink Pen Mutations Press is launching their new book at the Hive’s May group show. “Fragile Bodies” is written by Stephanie Greenquist and illustrated by one of Hive’s past residents, Emily Steigerwald.
All illustrations will be on display and the book will be for sale. “Fragile bodies” is a backwards fairytale in the lost mind of a sad beauty. Love, obsession, sex, drugs, pain, and pleasure consume Aida’s world
as she hopelessly searches for her own happy ending in the dark heart of an apathetic lover.

SEXY ELVES Roam The Hive Gallery:

There will be Sexy Elves roaming the Hive this Show!
Ever want to help create a video game? Make sure to check out our First Ever “FANTASY VILLAGE” Beta Test! Soon to be released as an iPhone/ipad App, prepare to explore a magical world of elves, humor and fun! In the Ink Pen Mutations (green furry walls ) room, you will have a chance to test HappyDojo’s brand new iPhone App game, “Fantasy Village,” and provide your input on the final product. You will also get to create your own avatar and ELVIFY yourself!
And to thank you for your time, the first 50 folks who try out
“FANTASY VILLAGE” will receive a Free Bag of Magical Schwag (courtesy of Fan Vixens and Ink Pen Mutations Press)!
So come on and waste a few minutes in a world where Final Fantasy and Farmville collide! Some come dressed up as your favorite fantasy character and join the party realm!

Front Room Performances:

8-8:45pm – The Cuntress – http://www.myspace.com/thecuntressla
9-9:45pm – Manos Sucias – http://www.facebook.com/people/Manos-Sucias/100000875833998
10- 10:45 – Free Range Orkestar
11- 11:45 – Vyncent Flaw http://www.myspace.com/vyncentflaw
12am-close – !pski http://soundcloud.com/ipski

Back Room Performances:

8:00 – 9:00 TREK LEWIS facebook.com/djtreklewis
9:00 – 10:00 DJ EMPTY http://djempty.tumblr.com
10:00 – 11:00 DJ JAYAR
11:00 – 12:30 MISS JULIA facebook.com/djmissjulia

Resident Artists:

Sensei / Nathan Cartwright / Mary Spring / Greg Gould / Walt Hall / Sarah Winkle / John Dang / Jinx / J.Salvador/ Feminine Oddities / Shrine / Sonik / Leyla Akdogan / Stephan Canthal / Mike Street / Andres Carmiol / / The Little Red Writer / Randy Kono / Sara Hedstrom / Alex Schaefer / Patrick Haemmerlein / Alan DeForest / Bethany Pratt // Radhika Hersey / Romina Gonzales / Yuki Miyazaki / Sophia Gasparian / Ink Pen Mutations Press / Doug Meyer / Nicole Bruckman / Glenn Fox / Edyth Gonzalez / Daisuke Okamoto / David Reyes / Tom McDermott / Michelle and Mark Rainville / Dominique Lopez / Catherine Kaleel / Michelle Romo


ALL NEW FABRIC ENVIRONMENTS/ INSTALLATION by: Sonik http://www.transmorphic.net

BURLESQUE PERFORMANCES BY: Feminine Oddities http://www.feminineoddities.com

Jinx paints live at LoveAttack benefit show 2/19/11

Tomorrow’s Art, The Hive, and Cannibal Flower present LoveAttack…

in downtown Los Angeles…

a benefit for the Los Angeles Food Bank.

I was live painting there and was able to finish a new painting. There were several other artists working there as well.

Click the image below to watch the video. I had tons of fun.


“Heart Attack”
acrylic on canvas, 10″x30″

“Lovers and Haters” show at The Hive, revamped art from Jinx

This Saturday at The Hive is the opening of the “Lovers and Haters” themed show. I’m showing an older piece that I have revamped. I feel it is a little more bad ass now. I added more wounds to this zombie. I also matted and framed it a bit better.

“I want you… to eat”
pen and watercolor on paper
8″x10″ (plus frame)


The Hive Gallery and Studios
729 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Zombie Unicorn Sculpture and The Hive’s July group show

I’ve decided to make a Zombie Unicorn sculpture. It’s going to be based off my “Zombie Unicorn” drawing. I got the idea from some feedback I got on Facebook. Occasionally I’ll post the question “What should I draw?”. I always get interesting responses and this was one of them.

So I’m using Sculpey for this. This specific Sculpey has glitter in it. The sparkles get everywhere. I haven’t sculpted anything in years! So far it’s been lots of fun.

Below is the armature covered with aluminum foil and tape. I don’t want to sculpt the whole thing out of Sculpey because it’ll be too heavy and would probably not bake evenly. Sculpey is a clay that stays soft until you bake it. After baking it, it becomes a rigid sculpture.

Here are a few progress photos. I’ve covered the armature and have started adding muscle structure.

Once the muscles are on I’ll add some skin. Then I’ll add the mane and finish the tail. I’m excited about this one. I just hope it doesn’t blow up in the oven.

July Group Show at The Hive!

I’ll be showing one of my “Sideshow Monster” pieces in the group show. See you there 🙂